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Who we are:
Somindra Marketing is a System Integration company floated by a family in India having a strong desire to do something very useful and relevant to the people in this world. As all the members are from the Rural Background and are aware of the life in the Rural & Remote areas. Also, some of them are very much well versed with the Communication, Information & Security Technologies. Though the family and members do not have a Business background and are First Generation Business House, the desire & acumen to do something Extra Ordinary in the Entrepreneurial Ventures is very much intended.
Our History:
Somindra started its activities way back in 1993 as a Partnership Firm in the name & style as Somindra Marketing, trading in Children Computers. After that, many Products & Services were added & deleted to stay in tune with the changing Market Trends, Consumer Demands & Technological Developments. Then it was decided by the Management that, the Video Surveillance Business, which was very new in the market with very meagre awareness, has a very huge potential to grow. Now after almost 2 decades, we have realised that it was a great decision, and are now a Leading System Integrator in India.
Our Business:
Somindra Marketing has been keeping its Primary Focus on Technological Developments & Customer Demands to get into any Business for the past 2 decades. In accordance with this Principle, it has added a host of Products & Services to its Basket of Businesses. Though, the Major Activity has been Video Surveillance, the other Related and/or Additional activities like, Security Automation, Networking Solutions, Call Centre Services and Rural IT Enabled Services have been added during our course of Business Growth.
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Address : Head Office: # 26, ‘ANUGRAHA’, 2rd Floor, Prashant Colony, Vidyanagar, HUBLI - 580 031, Karnataka - India.

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